As the industry’s leading provider of Restaurant music, Digital Restaurant Signage & Menu Boards, On-Hold Messaging and Audio Visual Systems, Mood has everything you need to connect with your guests and create an exceptional dining experience.

Reliable local service. Affordability. Innovative solutions. It’s all on the menu at Mood.

  • Cost-effective, professionally-designed solutions for restaurants
  • Enhance the ambiance of your dining room and connect with your guests
  • Drive sales and express your unique brand image
  • Web-based controls for Music, Messaging and Digital Signage
  • Bundle solutions and SAVE

Bundle solutions and save. Contact us today!


Whether you need an affordable background music solution or a more customized foreground experience, Mood has the perfect restaurant music solution for your brand and your budget. Complete the dining experience and put the power of music to work at your restaurant.


  • Access the world’s largest music library
  • Custom and streaming music options available
  • 100% commercial-free, no third-party interruptions
  • Professionally curated, expertly designed
  • Fully licensed and screened for business use
  • Delivered and updated seamlessly


Engage. Promote. Entertain. The possibilities are endless and the results are huge with digital signage software and players from Mood. From digital menu boards and satellite TV to hybrid solutions, Mood makes it easy and affordable to create the immersive experience your guests crave.


  • Enhance the experience with digital signage
  • Improve menu visibility and flexibility with digital menu boards
  • Promote specials and entertain on the same screen with Mood TV
  • Professional content templates for any application
  • Easily daypart content for breakfast, lunch and dinner menus
  • Quickly manage content at any time with a few simple clicks
  • Delivered, installed and ready to go


Silence is the sound of a missed opportunity. With On Hold Messaging from Mood, you’ll retain callers, reduce hang-ups and engage customers with relevant information that makes the time fly by.

Put the power of Voice Messaging to work at your location TODAY.


  • Book more reservations
  • Promote events and monthly specials
  • Provide directions
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Reinforce radio and TV ads
  • Choose from a wide variety of professional voice talents


Complete the experience at your restaurant with a professionally-designed and installed audio visual system from Mood. With affordable equipment, local installation and service in every zip code, we’re able to implement and maintain exceptional commercial sound systems for any need, anywhere.


  • Affordable, high-performance solutions for any size or space
  • Commercial-grade equipment from Bose, Samsung and other industry leaders
  • Professional system design and integration
  • Multiple leasing options available


Create an exceptional first impression and freshen any space with Scent Marketing solutions from Mood. With a huge selection of fragrances and multiple delivery options, Mood makes it easy to refresh any space, from the entrance area and restrooms to back-of-house offices.

Leverage the power of Scent TODAY.


  • Choose from more than 1,600 fragrances
  • Cover spaces of any size
  • No mess scent diffusers for individual zones or HVAC diffusion
  • Create a singular experience with your own custom scent

It’s all on the menu at Mood. Contact us today to learn more!