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The Global Leader In Elevating Customer Experiences

Mood Media is the world’s leading experiential media company, redefining the on-premise retail customer experience and delivering unparalleled value to businesses and brands globally, including video music entertainment, communications, digital integration and interactivity, retail media and ad networks, digital signage, messaging, scent, and more.

Mood leverages cutting-edge digital technology, curated and original creative content, and design expertise to create personalized, engaging encounters in every guest journey.

Serving more than 500,000 customer locations in over 140 countries, Mood reaches 165 million+ consumers each day.

Our Team

Music experts, digital artists, professional branding consultants, and client service champions – all driven to bring a fresh perspective to every customer experience we design. Backed by a global service network of certified technicians, our legacy of proven success is what sets us apart. Our passion is why we succeed.

Unmatched experience. Trusted expertise. Endless possibilities.


Elevate your Customer Experience through the power of Mood.