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Mood Media brings you the best free and premium commercial TV offerings to redefine in-house entertainment and corporate communications for your business. With the new Mood TV solution suite, you can enjoy a low-cost, highly effective visual solution for both front-of-house and back-of-house audiences. All Mood TV content is engaging, family-friendly, and 100% licensed for business use.

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“If you’re looking for an easy and affordable way to entertain your customers while promoting your business, go with Mood TV. You won’t regret it.

– Aaron Fitzgerald, Owner, McDonald’s of Yarmouth


Transforming Business TV
Traditional cable and satellite TV programming falls short in commercial settings—it’s not designed for businesses. Mood’s free ad-supported streaming television (FAST) service, powered by Atmosphere TV, is reshaping the landscape with viral-style videos tailored for commercial environments.

Engaging Entertainment, No Costs
Say farewell to expensive cable or satellite bills and say hello to a new era of engaging, free entertainment with Mood TV’s FAST service. Our free video service transforms your space into a captivating environment, keeping money in your pocket while ensuring continuous entertainment for your guests.

Diverse Channel Selection, Tailored for You
Transform your customer experience with 40+ top-tier video channels curated specifically for commercial environments— Chive TV, Red Bull TV, AFV Kids, People Are Awesome, News, Sports, and more. Immerse guests in captivating content, ensuring an engaging environment through our diverse channel offering.

Impactful Digital Signage
Elevate your impact with Mood TV FAST’s impactful digital signage. We dedicate the very first break after our eye-catching content to your business. Utilize this prime space to showcase your very own customized messages and promotions, ensuring maximum engagement.

Why Mood TV FAST?

  • 100% FREE
  • No up-front costs.
  • Cancel anytime by returning the device
  • Customized programming
  • Deploy new digital signage content in seconds
  • Engaging & entertaining viral-style content
  • Complements live sports & events
  • Increase sales & loyalty


Take Control, Create Your Own TV Network
Easily customize your TV network to curate a branded customer entertainment experience or to improve your employee communication. Take complete control and deliver a tailored visual journey that aligns with your brand identity.

No Third Party Ads, No Inappropriate Content
Escape unwanted ads and objectionable content. Mood TV’s Premium Service offers a viewing experience that is completely ad-free and free from inappropriate material commonly found on broadcast television. Enjoy a family-friendly environment tailored for your business.

Engaging Entertainment, Amplified Impact
Maximize your impact with Mood TV’s Premium Service, seamlessly merging promotional content and entertainment on a single screen. Elevate customer engagement, influence purchasing decisions, and create an immersive, revenueboosting visual experience tailored for your business.

Inform. Educate. Entertain.
Engage guests and staff with informative content that educates and entertains. Keep customers informed by seamlessly integrating dynamic news tickers, real-time weather updates, social media feeds, and queue management displays—enhancing your visual solution with a harmonious blend of
engagement and efficiency.

Engage. Train. Communicate.
Empower corporate communications and training with Mood’s versatile TV platform. Deliver impactful messages to employees, broadcast training modules, and foster improved communication. Elevate engagement and understanding by utilizing the visually compelling and customizable features of Mood TV’s Premium Service.


  • Complete Control
  • Front & Back of House Content
  • Branding Mastery
  • Engage and Inform
  • Ad-Free Environments
  • Boost Engagement
  • Efficient Communication
  • Productive Workforce Communication Tool
  • Monetizable Network

Mood TV FAST Samples

* Powered by Atmosphere TV

Mood TV PREMIUM Samples





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