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We are excited to share that our recent In-store Customer Trends report as been featured in a recent Chain Store Age article, shedding light on the pivotal role of sound in shaping the customer shopping experience. See below!

“In-store music is a major driver of the customer shopping experience. Music can impact shoppers’ moods, with 75% noting they felt more relaxed in a retail store that plays music. In fact, research from Mood Media found that 77% of Americans are more likely to wait in line to purchase if engaging music is playing. The selection and timing of music retailers choose to play for shoppers can significantly influence customer engagement with the brand, potentially impacting their overall perception and experience for better or worse.”

Mood Media continues to empower brands to create sound experiences that not only align with their core identity but also drive business success. Dive deeper into Chain Store Age’s article to explore how incorporating sound into the customer experience can be a powerful tool for fostering deeper connections with customers and increasing brand engagement and loyalty. 🎵✨

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