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““Compared to the other options out there, you just can’t beat the peace of mind you get with Mood… The programs always feel fresh, and the price is great!”

– Christine Teal
Executive Director
Carmel Oaks Independent Senior Living


Carmel Oaks of Lakewood, Colorado is an independent living complex, locally owned by a nonprofit corporation and designed for adults aged 55+ who want to enjoy a refined and carefree lifestyle. Residents are members of an active and tight-knit community where there’s always something do to, from reading in the library or gardening, to exercising in the fitness center, playing a few holes of putt golf or enjoying a great conversation over coffee in the café. Carmel Oaks is all about making life as easy as it should be for senior adults.


For many years Carmel Oaks relied on CD players to pipe tunes into the background throughout their facilities. As a result, staff members were tasked with the responsibility of frequently changing discs, which often took them away from attending to the needs of their residents. What they needed was an easy-to-use, automated background music solution that always provided a fresh variety of music, as well as seasonal tunes during the holidays.

Additionally, management also wanted a music solution that was fully licensed for business use so that they wouldn’t have to pay licensing fees out of pocket or worry about facing costly penalties from performing rights organizations.

To find a solution, Carmel Oaks Executive Director Christine Teal began researching music providers in her area. She reached out to a few different companies to understand all of the options that were available to Carmel Oaks, but she was most intrigued when she spoke to a Local Account Executive at Mood.


Our Local Account Executive showed Christine the many Background Music solutions that Mood has to offer – all of which are professionally designed and fully licensed for business use. Unlike the other providers that Christine was considering, Mood presented Carmel Oaks with a variety of delivery options, including internet, streaming and satellite. And when Christine saw how affordable music was from Mood compared to the rest, she knew it was time to bring her search to an end.


Just as Christine makes life easier for her residents, Mood’s Local Account Executive suggested the perfect solution to make life easier for Christine and her staff – Core Music delivered via internet. Featuring 160+ professionally curated business music programs, Core has a huge selection of classic programs to choose from that are perfect for the 55+ crowd, from 60’s pop hits and jazz to orchestral tunes and soft rock. With Core Music, Christine was also able to choose programs from Mood’s vast holiday music library to keep residents in the spirit of the season.

By choosing internet delivery through the ProFusion iS device, all programs are automatically scheduled to play and updated automatically on a regular basis. That means no more changing discs, and no more buying CDs. Christine and authorized staff can even log into the intuitive MyMood web-based portal to quickly change program scheduling, edit track preferences and much more.


For Carmel Oaks, Mood Music completes the easy-living experience they strive to create, providing residents and staff with a relaxing, yet upbeat environment. Christine loves the peace of mind of using a fully-licensed solution, and she really appreciates the freedom of not having to change discs.

“Mood makes music so simple. They have such a huge selection of programs to choose from, including a variety of hit channels for the holidays. The programs are prescheduled and play continuously and reliably, which means I don’t have to worry about changing the music every few hours, dealing with skips or buying more CDs.”

“And if I ever need to change the playlist schedule, I can do so quickly and easily using the MyMood online portal. Compared to the other options out there, you just can’t beat the peace of mind you get with Mood – all of the music is fully licensed, with no additional fees. Most importantly, our residents love the energetic ambiance it creates. I constantly see residents signing along to old favorites, or whistling and tapping their feet to new ones. The programs always feel fresh, and the price is great! I definitely recommend Mood, no matter what industry you’re in.”

– Christine Teal
Executive Director
Carmel Oaks Independent Senior Living


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