Making the Most of Your On-Hold Messaging

On-hold messages are ultimately about holding onto your customer, and every phone call is an opportunity for business. Whether the customer is calling to buy a product or is looking for support, you have a chance to connect with a customer. You can’t make every customer happy all the time, but you can make sure you engage and meet the immediate needs of every customer when they call.


Creating a positive telephone experience starts with carefully crafted on-hold messaging. Customers will often experience some wait time when calling into a customer service call center today. Even the most well-run customer service operations have occasional wait times during peak hours, which is why thoughtfully designed on-hold messaging is critical.

An effective, engaging on-hold messaging strategy will retain customers on the line, prepare them for their upcoming customer service interaction and/or engage them with entertaining content or a special offer.


Not everyone is aware of their potential, but carefully designed on-hold messaging can do a lot more than just keep your customers on the line. A thoughtfully developed series of on-hold messages can enable you to:

  • Educate and motivate your customers or clients
  • Effectively cross-sell products and services
  • Highlight promotions
  • Build brand awareness
  • Focus on a targeted audience
  • Increase sales revenue or conversion rates


Mood Media’s team of experienced writers will brainstorm with you to develop custom on-hold messaging that will help you retain callers, eliminate hang-ups and engage customers. When your on-hold message provides relevant information that the customer is interested in listening to, then the wait time flies by and you have a happy customer.

Mood has created effective, informative on-hold messaging for hundreds of businesses of all sizes. Let us show you how the right on-hold messaging can boost customer satisfaction and improve your call center operations.


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