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On-Hold Messaging

OnHold Messaging

When a customer calls your business, you have a perfect opportunity to deliver relevant on-hold messaging to influence the caller

On-Hold Messaging for Business

Searching for the best on-hold messaging provider in the industry? You’ve found it. Muzak is now Mood Media, the global leader in on-hold messaging for businesses, as well as all other facets of Experience Design such as digital signage, overhead music, scents, and mobile and interactive solutions. Everything we do is By Design, created with purpose and intent to give your customers a complete experience in store and over the phone. We have partnered with the world’s leading brands and savvy local businesses for more than 80 years, so we have the expertise to help you build your brand personality through messaging.

Effective on-hold messaging is proven to retain callers longer and reduce hang-ups, and can be a powerful way to connect already-interested customers to your brand. On-hold messaging is the most cost-effective form of advertising and 15-20% of callers will make purchases based on what they heard on hold. Our expert copywriters, voiceover artists, and producers can help your business produce high-quality on-hold messaging to share your latest offers, invite customers to visit your social media pages, inform them of different services, and more! Use on-hold time to connect customers to your brand and enhance their experience, and you will develop customer satisfaction and loyalty.

So come talk to us! We’ll provide your business with a personalized Experience by Design that will keep your customers coming back – and calling back.

If you were hoping to find Muzak, don’t worry! We still have the heart and soul of Muzak, but with more to offer you than ever before.

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