Work with a dedicated Music Design expert to develop a signature custom music program that’s exclusive to your brand. Our highest level of customization allows you to build stronger brand associations and connect with customers on a more personal and emotional level.


We’ll connect you with a dedicated Music Designer who will work to discover your brand’s unique needs, personality, customer base and in-store atmosphere.

With a deep understanding of your brand, we’ll build a custom music program track-by-track from the industry’s largest library, leveraging years of branding expertise and an unparalleled passion for music. From there, we’ll fine-tune the playlist to your liking, ensuring that it’s nothing short of perfect.

  • Consultative services with our professional Music Designers
  • Custom music playlist that is fully licensed for commercial use, screened for lyrics and content, and 100% interruption-free
  • Yearly program adjustment to address your changing business needs
  • Online management, scheduling and automatic updates
  • Delivered and updated seamlessly



  • Robust and Reliable music delivery options
  • Choose from Internet, music streaming, satellite or disc delivery
  • Integrate custom music program with In-Store Messaging to create your own branded radio network
  • Self-install or professional installation
  • Sound system packages and upgrades available

Set your brand apart with custom music from Mood.

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From internet-based devices and music streaming to satellite and CD, our music delivery technology is designed to meet your specific needs. No matter how you want your music, Mood has you covered with flexible, reliable and innovative platforms that are specifically designed for business use.


Want more control over your music? No problem. Our web-based music and overhead messaging content management system puts you in control of your music and messaging. By logging on to our secure portal, you can easily manage playlists at the corporate, regional or store level, create music and messaging daypart schedules, program your devices remotely, and block songs and artists that you don’t want to play.


A password protected portal maintains the security of your account information and settings. Plus, you decide who else in your organization gets access.


Default scheduling ensures your music plays week after week. Create override schedules for special events and holidays. Dual independent zones mean you can create different experiences throughout your business.


Manage all the devices in your organization from a single location. Multiple message upload and flexible grouping allow efficient message scheduling.


Browse all of the songs and artists in your programs. View your on-site messages. Review and confirm your music and messaging schedules.

Reporting Capabilities

Run reports for all your devices, provide proof-of-performance for messaging, confirm network connectivity and more.

Our Custom Music Clients

From retail and healthcare to hospitality, fitness and numerous other industries, hundreds of globally and nationally renowned brands rely on Mood for custom music design. In fact, we we create signature track-by-track playlists for more businesses than any other provider - as we have for 83 years and counting.

Mood Custom Music Clients

Contact us today and bring the true sound of your brand to life with Custom Music from Mood.