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“I highly recommend Mood Media for any business that wants to improve their customer experience – and receive great support along the way.”

– Kessler Pamplin
CEFCO Brand Manager


Founded in 1979, today CEFCO is one of the leading C-Store brands in the U.S. With more than 220 locations across 7 states, CEFCO takes pride in providing exceptional service, quality products and a first-rate experience that brings customers back.

CEFCO strives to make great impressions and uphold a clean and professional image at each of their locations. With the following in-store media solutions from Mood Media, they’re able to do just that – and much more:

  • Digital Signage & Menu Boards
  • In-Store Music & Messaging
  • Pumpside Messaging



CEFCO uses Mood Digital Signage and Menu Boards in select locations, helping them drive traffic to specific areas of their stores while creating a visually engaging experience. According to CEFCO Brand Manager Kessler Pamplin, this strategic approach empowers CEFCO to successfully drive sales on self-serve offerings such as fountain soda, FRESHYO frozen yogurt, burgers, chicken, breakfast sandwiches and other hot menu items.

“There is a noticeable difference in sales between our stores that have Mood Digital Signage, versus those that don’t,” said Kessler. “Mood solutions are definitely effective at helping us promote and drive sales on our self-serve food items.”

All menu board and signage templates are fully CEFCO-branded, created by Mood’s in-house Visual Design Team. Using Mood’s intuitive web-based Content Management System, Kessler can instantly manage these templates, upload images, update pricing and schedule content at one or multiple stores – all from a single location. Additionally, MVision allows users to daypart content so that specific items are featured at the right time of day.

“Having to wait for print signage to come back from production isn’t practical or efficient– especially when you’re talking about applying it at dozens of locations,” said Kessler. With MVision, I can easily change our digital signage and menu boards at any CEFCO location in seconds.”



With Mood’s Core Music programming, CEFCO can choose from 160 unique programs, each professionally-designed and fully-licensed for business use. All programs are updated regularly by Mood’s Music Designers to ensure that the CEFCO sound is always fresh and upbeat.

Using the MyMood content management portal, Kessler and other authorized users can schedule programs by location, region or company-wide, down to the minute.

MyMood also supports CEFCO’s Pumpside and In-Store messages, a series of professionally-designed clips that help promote menu items, FreshYo, fuel savings and more. The portal allows users to:

  • Build and approve scripts
  • Request changes
  • Submit production orders
  • Track order status and access past productions

Finally, CEFCO’s library of messages are managed and fulfilled by a single dedicated Messaging Consultant. The consultant works with Mood’s team of copywriters, voice talents and production engineers to ensure that CEFCO’s messages exceed expectations. The consultant also assists in scheduling clips and sending update reminders – providing maximum peace of mind for CEFCO.


By partnering with a global provider such as Mood, CEFCO can further enhance the welcoming experience they aim to provide throughout each of their 200+ locations. CEFCO has the dedicated support of a comprehensive account management team, ensuring that their Digital Menu Boards, Music and Messaging are consistently effective across their footprint. This level of support is one of the major reasons for CEFCO’s continued loyalty to Mood, as mentioned by Kessler.

“One of the biggest reasons we’ve stuck with Mood for all of these years is the fact that their communication is always stellar,” said Kessler.

“I receive proactive communication from my visual and messaging consultants, and they’re always quick to answer if I need help. I also have a dedicated Account Manager who provides me with weekly reporting, which helps ensure me that we’re getting the most out of our Mood solutions at each of our 200+ locations.”

“Finally, the simple fact that they’re a one-stop-shop for Music, Messaging and Digital Signage makes our jobs much easier. Their services and solutions help us increase sales while enhancing the welcoming experience we aim to deliver at CEFCO. I highly recommend Mood Media for any business that wants to improve their customer experience – and receive great support along the way.”

– Kessler Pamplin
CEFCO Brand Manager


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