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“The Messaging team produces a constant supply of creative and fun voice messaging… It has elevated the way we get our message to our customers and employees!”

Melissa Kreider, Creative Director, Stewart’s Shops


Stewart’s Shops is a convenience store chain with over 350 locations across New York and southern Vermont. Their 75-year history began as a humble ice cream shop that expanded into the gas station and convenience store market. Stewart’s manufactures and distributes 3/4s of the products they sell, and they take great pride in relying on many local farms and growers in the area. Community and self-sustainability are major focuses of their brand identity. Stewart’s utilizes Messaging Solutions from Mood Media to help reinforce these themes while calling attention to featured products and promotions.


Increase awareness of daily specials and promotions, inviting at-the-pump customers inside to boost in-store sales.


Stewart’s employs promotional and informative content for on-site messaging, designed to complement seasonal sales initiatives while adding value to the Customer Experience. Special sales for holidays are highlighted, as well as promotions for specific food and beverages, including their rotating flavors of ice cream.

To further influence the customer’s buying decisions, Stewart’s employs a combination of in-store and pumpside messaging. The pumpside messages promote products to customers pumping gas, with a focus on guiding customers into the store. Once inside, the in-store audio shifts to messaging that centers on the final buying decision, leading customers to the counter to make their purchase.

Using Mood’s Voice Design online portal, Stewart’s can build and approve scripts, request changes, submit production orders, track order status and access past productions – all with a few simple clicks. Their voice talents and scripts are specially curated, making sure every aspect of the messages reflect their brand image.


Stewart’s Messaging solutions are fully managed and fulfilled by a single dedicated Messaging Consultant, equipped with a deep understanding of the brand’s Customer Experience goals and account needs. This individual is responsible for coordinating between the customer and Mood’s team of professional copywriters and voice talents, providing a high level of service consistency and reliability. Additionally, the consultant assists in scheduling messages, processing new production orders and sending reminders when it’s time to update messages.


Stewart’s shows a 20% lift in sales of featured products due in part to the use of Mood’s Messaging services. This comprehensive solution helps increase sales on special items, raises awareness for in-store events and gives a knowledgeable voice to their brand. Pumpside messaging boosts awareness of products and promotions, while in-store messaging then reinforces the content to customers ready to make their final buying decisions.

“Whether its original content created by Mood, or sound design and voicing of scripts we provide, the Messaging team produces a constant supply of creative and fun voice messaging… It has elevated the way we get our message to our customers and employees!”

– Melissa Kreider
Creative Director
Stewart’s Shops


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