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Partnering with Mood is one of the best things we could have done for our locations. They consistently go above and beyond to ensure that we’re getting the most out of our services. ”

– Lisa Tarr
Vice President,
Marketing & Communications


With 35 locations across the U.S., Pet Paradise Resort and Day Spa is one of the nation’s premier pet boarding and daycare centers. A bone-shaped pool and pet spa at each location are just the beginning of their first-class amenities, but their extraordinary passion for pets is what truly sets them apart. For Pet Paradise, their ultimate mission is to deliver complete peace of mind to owners by providing a safe, clean and fun boarding experience for their guests.


Pet Paradise firmly believes in the power of an upbeat and welcoming atmosphere. They understand that providing the right experience at pet drop-off areas can establish trustworthiness, helping them bring clients back again and again. By the same token, Pet Paradise also recognizes that creating and maintaining a positive workplace for staff helps achieve the best possible experience for pet guests.

Like most top brands, they understand that success depends on attention to every detail – including the music that greets every guest and creates the right energy for employees. Pet Paradise was looking for the right provider that could give them the reliable options they needed. Additionally, Pet Paradise was looking for a more effective way to present their services and promotions inside their facilities. Previously they relied on print menus to list their rates and services, and as they grew, they sought a more efficient, engaging and affordable option while reducing print costs.

Most importantly, they wanted to work with a reliable single-point of contact that could cover their Customer Experience needs at all of their locations. After searching for a local on-site media provider that could help them achieve all of these goals, they found the purr-fect answer: Mood Media.


Mood offered everything that Pet Paradise needed to cut print costs and create an exceptional experience at each of their locations.


Each location uses 2-4 screens to display pricing, videos, photos and promotional information. Mood’s professional team of content developers also works with Pet Paradise to create images and templates. Thanks to MVision, Mood’s intuitive content management system, the Marketing team at Pet Paradise can centrally manage and schedule their content, make pricing changes, personalize local content and more – all with a few simple clicks.


Pet Paradise has access to 10 professionally-curated programs, each loaded with hundreds of tracks that are fully-licensed for business use. The programs are automatically refreshed with new tracks every month, ensuring that the Pet Paradise sound never goes stale.

Additionally, select Pet Paradise locations also rely on Mood for commercial-grade Sound System equipment, installation and service.


Thanks to Mood, Pet Paradise is able to create great fi rst impressions and a paw-some experience at each of their locations. Digital Signage provides a sleek, fresh and welcoming look, while the Music makes for a fun and welcoming atmosphere. Web-based portals for Music and Digital Signage allow Pet Paradise to centrally manage their audio and visual content, helping them drive consistency across each of their locations.

As thrilled as Pet Paradise is with the quality of Mood’s suite of soutions, they’re even more pleased with the level of service they receive from their dedicated Account Executive, as mentioned below.

“Partnering with Mood is one of the best things we could have done for our locations. They consistently go above and beyond to ensure that we’re getting the most out of our services. Their support and communication are outstanding. The Music and Digital Signage has made a huge impact on the experience we’re trying to create, and they’re reliable and easy to use. When you look at the quality of their support and their cutting-edge solutions, there really is no match to Mood.”

– Lisa Tarr
Vice President,
Marketing & Communications


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