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“Making changes and scheduling content couldn’t be easier. I would highly recommend Mood Digital Signage for anybody.”

– Cathy Wallace
Owner, Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken


For more than 50 years Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken has served loyal customers with sumptuous home-style meals and friendly, hospitable service. Smiling faces greet guests and the rich aroma of scratch-made biscuits offers the warm and welcoming feel of a country kitchen. No matter which location you visit, Lee’s is a timeless experience worth savoring again and again.


Lee’s prides itself on winning new customers with old-fashioned recipes, and they understand the importance of differentiating themselves from competitors and providing an experience that makes guests feel right at home. After working with Mood for their Drive-Thru System and Maintenance needs for more than 15 years, the owners at Lee’s of Mt. Orab, Ohio were thrilled when they learned how Mood could help them elevate their experience with custom Digital Signage as well.


Serving more than 30,000 quick-service restaurants, Mood understands the needs of franchise businesses and the highly competitive nature of the QSR industry. Additionally, Mood’s extensive experience serving the drive-thru system at Lee’s of Mt. Orab offered unique insights on their clientele. Knowing that the customer base mostly consists of weary-eyed highway travelers, Mood designed an engaging and fully-branded digital signage solution exclusively for Lee’s.


Lee’s digital signage is so much more than a sight to see for road warriors. This captivating dual-screen solution is a beacon of excitement for both guests and management. An on-screen frame covers the perimeter of the screens, featuring news tickers, weather updates and trivia alongside branded images. Inside of the frame you’ll find rotating images of special menu items, local community events and much more.

Cathy Wallace, Owner and operator of Lee’s Chicken at Mt. Orab, saw a huge difference in sales and the customer experience after she implemented Mood digital signage at her restaurant.

“For me, Mood Digital Signage is an easy and affordable way to differentiate our business and stay ahead of competitors,“ said Cathy Wallace, Owner of Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken. “It brightens up the room and always catches people’s attention, and when you use it to push a particular item or special offer, you’ll see a big uptick in sales – no doubt about it. And I love how user-friendly Mood Digital Signage is. Making changes and scheduling content couldn’t be easier. I would highly recommend Mood Digital Signage for anybody.”


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