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“I can’t say enough great things about Mood and how wonderful their service is. The team listened to my needs from the beginning and they offered affordable and high quality solutions that help us make an exceptional impression on our patients and guests.”

– Shakira Sarquis-Kolber
Institute Director,
Lynn Women’s Health Center Boca Raton Regional Hospital


Boca Raton Regional Hospital is one of Florida’s leading healthcare facilities, with more than 800 physicians and 400+ beds. Renowned across the southeastern U.S. for their clinical excellence, Boca Regional prides itself on providing an exceptionally compassionate and comprehensive level of patient care


The Christine E. Lynn Women’s Health & Wellness Institute at Boca Raton Regional is a shining example of the hospital’s extraordinary commitment to their patients. This state-of-the-art facility features gorgeous architecture and ample window coverage, designed to create a naturally bright and upbeat ambiance for patients and their families.

After this new facility opened, however, Institute Director Shakira Sarquis-Kolber realized that it still lacked elements that were critical to enhancing the uplifting experience they strive to create. “We had a new building that looked fantastic, but it had no music and was far too quiet,” said Shakira.

“We also needed additional sound dampening, considering the importance of ensuring patient confidentiality. We conducted a lot of research for a local audio provider, and fortunately we found Mood Media.”


Mood executives met with the Director at The Lynn Women’s Institute and used the opportunity to listen to her needs and learn about her vision for the patient experience. As Shakira mentions, Mood’s ability to understand her goals and perspective that day went a long way in laying the foundation for a meaningful and lasting business-to-business relationship.

“The Mood executive I met with knew precisely how welcomed and relaxed we want our patients and their families to feel when they’re at The Institute,” said Shakira. “We serve more than 100,000 guests every year, and I have a lot of people I need to impress. Mood understood that, and it was very refreshing to talk to someone who was genuinely trying to find solutions for me, rather than trying to sell. We created an important connection that day, and I’ve trusted Mood ever since.”


Mood recommended the following solutions to help Shakira bring her vision to life:

Core Music. With Core Music, Shakira can choose from more than 160 professionally-designed hits-based programs. Each program is fully-licensed for business use and automatically updated every month with new tracks. Shakira and her staff can easily create program schedules using an intuitive online portal, empowering them to create the perfect vibe at their facility. Core Music is backed by the world’s largest music library and supported by a reliable web-based streaming technology that ensures seamless music playback – even in the event of an internet disruption.

Mood TV for Healthcare. Even though visual entertainment wasn’t originally on Shakira’s radar, Mood suggested she consider implementing this powerful solution in her waiting area.

With Mood TV for Healthcare, Shakira has full control over what’s showing on her waiting room TVs. This solution displays 3-5 minute segments of family-friendly shows, such as The Big Bang Theory and The Late Night Show. Thanks to such light-hearted, business-appropriate content, with Mood TV Shakira doesn’t have to worry about displaying potentially offensive or uncomfortable material that may be inappropriate for the calming atmosphere she aims to provide. Additionally, Mood TV provides digital signage zones on the perimeter of the screens, ideal for patient queues, news tickers, health tips and other valuable content.

Digital Signage. Mood also provides digital signage to the main facility of Boca Raton Regional. Signage is used to inform patients of the full spectrum of healthcare services offered at Boca Regional while creating a more engaging experience.

Sound Systems & Sound Masking. Mood designs, installs and maintains commercial-grade AV and Sound Masking Systems throughout Boca Raton Regional. AV Systems deliver pristine sound coverage, while Mood’s sound masking protects patient privacy and ensures HIPAA compliance.


With the help of Mood, the patient experience at The Lynn Women’s Health & Wellness Institute consistently exceeds expectations. Music and Mood TV for Healthcare combine to create a welcoming, spa-like vibe, helping relieve patient anxiety while making a great impression on visitors. Shakira is very happy with how Mood continues to bring her vision to life, but more than anything, she appreciates the strong relationship she has with Mood.

“I can’t say enough great things about Mood and how wonderful their service is. The team listened to my needs from the beginning and they offered affordable and high quality solutions that help us make an exceptional impression on our patients and guests. We work with many vendors, but with Mood, I always know that I have a trusted partner in my corner who truly cares about ensuring that we put our best foot forward. The fact that I have such a great relationship with Mood speaks volumes about their team. I couldn’t imagine working with anyone else for our Music and Audiovisual needs.”

– Shakira Sarquis-Kolber
Institute Director
Lynn Women’s Health Center at Boca Raton Regional Hospital


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