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“Mood brings an honest human quality that strong, long-standing business partnerships are built upon. I’m very happy with my service from Mood.”

– Bob King
Former Owner, Seaboard Ace


Known across the U.S. as “The Helpful Place,” each Ace Hardware location prides itself on an unmatched dedication to great service and the local community it serves. Family-owned and operated by Bob and Donna King, Seaboard Ace in Raleigh, NC lives and breathes this mission every day with open doors, open ears and a promise that every customer deserves: “Helping you is the most important thing we have to do today.”

Seaboard Ace is fittingly tucked away in Raleigh’s historic Seaboard warehouse district, where the shelves are fully stocked, the walls are decked with vintage mid-century décor and customers are addressed on a first-name basis. They even deliver parts to homes in a shiny red 42’ Ford Panel Delivery Truck, often parked out front of the store. According to Bob, he wants customers “to feel like they’re going to a neighbor’s house” when they visit his location. For Seaboard Ace, it’s all about providing an unforgettable experience that customers will want to repeat again and again.


For years Bob King used cable TV to entertain and inform his customers with home improvement programs. However, the nature of cable TV frequently exposed his customers to competitor ads, and associates would often change the channel for their viewing pleasure during slow periods. Additionally, the expensive cost of cable TV was working against his bottom line. What Bob needed was a cost-effective TV solution that would add value to the customer experience and promote his business. Fortunately, Bob had a local Mood Account Executive in his region who was ready to help.


Mood’s extensive experience working with hundreds of Ace Hardware locations and thousands of independent franchisees across the U.S. gave the Account Executive a running start in understanding and addressing the unique needs of Seaboard Ace. Additionally, Mood already had a predesigned solution in place – Mood TV for Ace Hardware.

This hybrid digital signage and commercial TV solution shows short-form TV segments inside of a sleek, Ace-branded screen wrap. The screen wrap displays news and weather tickers, Ace promotional content and can even switch over to full digital signage. Mood worked with Bob to implement this solution across multiple screens near the front of the store, incorporating relevant home improvement programming and product demo videos with branded images and much more.


After only 10 months of using Mood TV, Bob was head-over-heels with the results, and he loves the way that the solution helps him differentiate his business from both big-box retailers and other local hardware stores. “Mood TV for Ace Hardware makes a world of difference for the experience at my store,” says Bob. “You can just see the difference when a product demo or short how-to clip is playing, and our customers stop and stare at the screen. I love it.”

Customers can stop in and enjoy informative how-to videos on their way to the aisles, or get a glimpse of new products in action, such as the latest Weber grills. Mood TV brings an unbeatable level of versatility that Bob truly values.

“I can highlight specials, add to the community feel by featuring images of our regular customers, or include any other branded Ace images I want to. It’s very easy to work with and always reliable. And the best part – I don’t have to worry about associates changing the channel or competitor commercials showing on the screen. This is strictly Ace TV, and Mood makes it so simple. Additionally, my Account Executive is friendly, professional, and always reliable. Mood brings an honest human quality that strong, long-standing business partnerships are built upon. I’m very happy with my service from Mood.”

– Bob King
Owner Seaboard Ace


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