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Subscription Music Apps & Hardware

Play Your Music The Way You Like It


Your Device & Mood:Media App

Available for Android and iOS, the Mood:Media App allows you to download and play music directly from your phone or tablet.


Mood:Media Player & Mood:Media App

The same Mood:Media App to control your music, but your music stored on our Mood:Media player. For those who want the convenience of the mobile control, but the added storage and reliability of a dedicated media player that is always on, and doesn't go down when the your internet drops.

Why Make The Switch?

Mood Media vs Personal Streaming Platforms

Mood Media Personal streaming platforms or radio
A large variety of music Checked Checked
Ad-free, no offensive or explicit language Checked
Automated, tailored music recommendations for your business, and your customers Checked
Mix and match - Create your own music stations Checked
Promotional messaging to enhance sales Checked
Centralized control and brand consistency across locations Checked
Frequently Asked Questions