As the global leader in elevating Customer Experiences, we believe that great music deserves the high quality of a great sound system. We’re proud to leverage the raw power of music through the legendary sound of Klipsch speakers.

Since 1946 Klipsch has lived a legacy of bringing revolutionary speaker technologies to millions of homes and businesses across the globe. And considering the history of Mood and Klipsch, we like to think that we revolutionized the business music industry together – helping brands sound their rocking best for generations.

Leverage the legendary power of Mood and Klipsch commercial speakers at your business and elevate the customer experience like you mean it.

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  • Powerful performance, innovative audio technology
  • Robust, engaging coverage with minimal equipment
  • Dozens of affordable options for various applications
  • Reliable local installation in any zip code
  • Exclusive leasing options available

Klipsch Speakers for any business

    • Retail
    • Restaurant/Bar
    • Breweries
    • Hospitality
    • Healthcare
    • Automotive

…and much more!

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