About Foundry Park Inn

Foundry Park Inn and Spa is a popular boutique hotel located in Athens, Georgia. Once an old iron foundry, the property has been beautifully repurposed as a hotel mingling refined Southern hospitality with the expectations of the modern traveler.

The Challenge

Boasting a first-class spa, a full-service restaurant and a live music venue housed on the grounds, Foundry Park Inn was interested in using Digital Signage to improve communications and further personalize the guest experience to differentiate their services for groups and special events.

With Mood Digital Signage, you’ll see a significant return, both to your bottom line and in guest satisfaction.

The Approach

Mood partnered with Foundry Park to install four high-definition screens throughout the property, including at the front desk, in the restaurant and in the rooms. By placing screens strategically, the Foundry staff could easily create awareness for events and special occasions by featuring pictures and general information about the inn’s amenities, provide directions to attractions throughout the property and enhance the overall guest experience by creating personalized content tailored to guests celebrating particular occasions.

The Result

“We’ve found Digital Signage to be a great way to inform guests and visitors. We really enjoy the flexibility to switch it up when necessary. It’s so simple and quick to display a personalized message for guests. And it’s those types of enhancements that mean the most to us, connecting our guests to that warm, welcoming feeling we aim to deliver. With Mood Hotel Digital Signage, you’ll see a significant return, both to your bottom line and in guest satisfaction.”

Jason Harwell, Marketing Manager, Foundry Park Inn & Spa




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