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Regardless of industry, success for franchise-based organizations is founded upon a laser-focused commitment to consistency. This commitment should be shared by the franchisor and every single franchisee, and it should be present in all aspects of the business – especially when it comes to the Customer Experience.

After all, the experience you provide is a brand standard, no different than your offerings, décor, uniforms and mission statement. When you provide an exceptional Customer Experience during every visit and across every location, you give your customers an experience they can count on and own no matter where they are in the world – which is how deep brand recognition and loyalty take root.

While the consistent quality of your offerings and service are the primary factors of your experience, your in-store media also plays a pivotal role. Elements such as Music, Digital Signage, Messaging and AV Systems can enable you to engage your customers in more personal and emotional ways, while enhancing the look, sound and personality of your brand.

For franchisors, in-store media also offers additional parameters for brand standards, helping you strengthen your brand integrity and further position your franchisees for success. For franchisees, it all adds up to greater peace of mind, empowering you to focus more on the operational aspects of your business.

In this article, we’ll explain the keys to leveraging in-store media to create a more consistent Customer Experience. We’ll also explore additional benefits that franchisor and franchisee can receive by choosing an experienced in-store media provider as a preferred partner.

#1: Find an Experienced Provider

Achieving consistency with in-store media begins by partnering with a provider that is experienced in serving franchise-based organizations. They’ll understand
the unique needs and pain points of franchisees and franchisors, and they’ll know how to make in-store media a key element of your brand standards. They should take the time to learn about your brand, company mission, business objectives and challenges. Doing so will empower them to design and provide solutions that meet your specific needs.

For franchisees, choosing an experienced provider will ensure that you’re staying true to the brand. If the provider is already working with your company at the corporate level, they’ll likely have an approved program and solutions already in place – all you have to do is choose the solutions you need and sign up. They may also have exclusive pricing in place, so be sure to ask about any potential savings.

#2: Centralized – and Flexible – Content Control Is Essential

Between music programming selections and digital signage content variations, in-store media offers a world of options. In order to ensure consistency across locations, the solutions you choose should be supported by an online CMS (content management system). The CMS should provide various levels of permission-based content control in order to meet the needs of the franchisor and the franchisee.

In our experience serving franchise brands, every client utilizes a different method for managing their media. Some choose to manage content for all locations at the corporate level, while others allow franchisees to manage all content for their location(s). Many leverage a combination of the two strategies, which makes it easier to ensure that franchisees are complying with brand standards, while also allowing some degree of flexibility and control at the local level. There are benefits to all approaches, and your media provider should be able to advise on the best content management strategy for your needs.

#3: Get Your Solutions from a Single Source

There’s no better way to ensure consistency across your footprint than by partnering with a single-source media provider. Doing so offers a range of unique benefits for businesses in a franchise model, including, but not limited to:

  • A cohesive, fully-integrated media strategy that accurately represents your brand
  • A more consistent experience at every location
  • Less vendors to manage, reduced risk
  • Potential bundled savings on multiple solutions
  • Dedicated account management, consolidated billing

Ultimately, these benefits add up to ensuring that you get the most for your investment and the best possible Customer Experience across your entire footprint.

#4: Responsive Local Service & Installation Are a Must

When your provider offers local service and installation, you don’t have to worry about calling an outside contractor for installation or repairs on your in-store media solutions. Instead, you receive support from the company that understands your operational needs and the experience you’re aiming to achieve. These efficiencies are invaluable and help reduce costs and streamline operations.


While franchisor and franchisee share the same corporate name and logo, they often have differing motivations and expectations when it comes to elevating the customer experience. Corporate in-store media programs ensure brand control and compliance, while franchisees benefit from volume-based discounts, consistent service and a defined level of local autonomy and control.

To learn more about strategic in-store media programs for your franchise, contact us today.


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