This year, at the world’s most exciting venue for the convergence of media, creative content and emerging technology, Mood Media is facilitating its annual thought leadership events for some of the world’s premier retail and restaurant brands.

Just as the SXSW festival celebrates achievement and discovery across music, film and interactive media, Austin-based Mood specializes in the creative integration of audio and visual content and mobile marketing technologies to create powerful in-store experiences for today’s customers.

“SXSW fosters an incredibly unique vibe and energy, and is a living, breathing example of the power of different creative mediums coming together to create an experience. As we come together to share the latest trends with our clients and collaborate on how best to express their brand through audio, visuals, integrated systems and mobile technology, there is no better setting,” said Ken Eissing, Chief Operating Officer at Mood Media North America.

Inspiration Meets Execution. That’s the mantra this week as Mood executives, account managers, technical experts, music and visual designers meet with select brands to define specific ways for taking content strategies and in-store technologies to the next level. The goal is to emerge with new ideas that will have a practical impact on their clients’ current music, digital signage and interactive solutions.

Business Technology Gets Personal. Another key theme of discussion will address how the music industry and universal access to content are enabling consumers to create a very personal and portable experience. Traditional means of in-store marketing and merchandising are giving way to the newer, consumer-driven technologies showcased at events like SXSW, and businesses are looking for ways to leverage these innovations to connect with customers and real business value in today’s 24/7 marketplace.

Eissing summarized, “Our clients are finding themselves competing at a much higher level for awareness and attention inside and outside their stores. Consumer expectations have changed and will continue to evolve. Our job is to help clients take full advantage of the opportunity to provide a fully integrated, more personalized customer experience – using professionally designed content and cutting-edge audio visual solutions that are the perfect expression of their core brand values.”



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