Mood Media Corporation, the world’s largest provider of in-store media experiences, announced that it has now completed the U.S. deployment of its Presence digital watermarking technology 5 months ahead of schedule. Utilizing the installed sound systems in these locations, 300,000 retail and restaurant locations are now enabled to communicate with consumers’ smartphones.

“We recognize the high level of interest that retailers have in mobile marketing technologies, and the desire that many have to take advantage of this powerful marketing channel,” said Ken Eissing, President of Mood Media, North America. “There’s tremendous industry attention focused on the use of Bluetooth beacons, but currently, there are very few actually installed. By turning Mood’s in-store audio speaker systems into the nation’s largest audio beacon network, Mood’s Presence platform provides retailers a turnkey way to activate in-store mobile marketing campaigns immediately without the need to install any other hardware or software. In addition, the Presence platform provides the flexibility to integrate with Bluetooth beacons as they are deployed over the coming years.”

When integrated within a mobile application like Shazam, Mood Presence “listens” for Mood’s proprietary digital audio watermarking and triggers an event to communicate with the consumer on his or her mobile phone. It can be incorporated into virtually any mobile app to strengthen connections between brands and consumers.

In November 2014, Mood announced the integration of the Presence SDK in the world’s most popular music identification app Shazam, allowing retailers and brands the ability to connect with 105 million active monthly users while they are physically inside retail or restaurant locations.



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