Experience Design leader Mood Media has expanded its location-based marketing capabilities for retail, hospitality and financial services customers across the U.S. by adding another 100,000 sites to the on-going rollout of its Presence technology. The location-based signal – now enabled in 175,000 locations – allows brands to more deeply connect with customers via their mobile devices while they are in-store.

“We’re aggressively rolling out Presence because the way customers are engaging with retailers on mobile devices is rapidly evolving as is the way brands create and foster customer loyalty,” said Ken Eissing, President, Mood Media North America. “Presence is unique in the ever-growing, location-based marketing space because of its ease of implementation and the potential it has for elevating the overall customer experience. Presence technology provides complete coverage at a retail location and opens up opportunities for a wide variety of interactive solutions that integrate with broader mobile content marketing and customer experience strategies.”

The inaudible Presence signal can be quickly and easily activated across single or multiple retail, hospitality and financial service locations. It’s a scalable solution that is integrated into Mood’s music and sound systems found in more than 500,000 stores, shops, hotels and restaurants around the world. As a result, Presence is easier to implement and more cost-effective than other location-based solutions and technologies.

“Clients ranging from local mom-and-pops to the world’s most popular and famous brands are eager to adopt the capability, and we’re working through some exciting partnerships and advancements,” Eissing continued. “Designing and creating a comprehensive experience for the consumer is paramount for driving sales and revenue. Specialized location-based, mobile engagement is the next frontier for building out this cohesive experience. Presence makes it easy for all types of businesses to engage in the possibilities.”

In September 2014, Mood announced the enablement of 75,000 locations across the country. The company is actively working toward its commitment of enabling 300,000 sites by Q2 2015.



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