Ken Eissing, Chief Operating Officer at Mood Media North America, recently delivered a keynote presentation to members of the International Business Music Association about current in-store music industry trends and how retail, hospitality, and restaurant marketers are adapting to related consumer behaviors and expectations. The event took place in Orlando, FL at the association’s annual conference.

“The connected generation is causing profound shifts in the music and commercial media industry. While demand for content is at an all time high, how consumers access, purchase and interact with their music has forever changed,” said Eissing. “The underlying technologies and consumer expectations are evolving rapidly, and the in-store music industry is at an inflection point where a new model for commercial usage is poised to emerge. The implications and challenges to business extend well beyond showrooming in the retail space; businesses must redesign every aspect of the customer experience in order to build stronger connections with their customers and create a relevant, engaging and familiar environment.”

Eissing noted that mobile and streaming technologies have given consumers universal access to an enormous library of content, and interactive music and media applications have created the expectation for a very personalized and portable media experience. Businesses competing for those consumers, particularly in the retail and hospitality space, are challenged to find ways to leverage those familiar technologies and tap into personal content channels through location-based mobile marketing.

Traditional means of delivering content are also giving way to the newer technologies that consumers demand, and businesses are demanding similar tools to manage and interface with all aspects of their operations. The explosive growth of digital signage demonstrates how businesses are using dynamic visual content to capture the attention of customers, and there has been a dramatic rise in the number of tablets being used in-store to control media, content and other aspects of the in-store environment.

Eissing concluded, “Delivering great service and providing a quality product will always be essential to a strong value proposition. But for brands to survive and grow in the future, they must offer a more personal interactive experience that relies heavily on interactive audio and visual content delivered in ways that are consistent with consumer expectations.”



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