Mood Media is pleased to announce that national men’s retailer DXL received the SMItty award at ScentWorld 2014 for the “Most Innovative Use of Scent Marketing” based on its strategic implementation of a custom fragrance during its comprehensive 2013-2014 rebrand and store redesign. Each year, ScentWorld celebrates outstanding examples of using scent marketing to improve sales, strengthen brands and significantly enhance the customer experience.

DXL is a distinctive big & tall men’s retail concept from Canton, MA-based Destination XL Group, Inc. The DXL brand creates a fresh in-store experience with brighter, larger retail spaces, enriched customer touchpoints and thousands of sportswear, clothing and furnishing options.

In addition to the physical redesign, DXL specifically wanted to use the evocative power of scent to further differentiate its stores and bring its new brand identity to life. As the global leader for Experience Design, Mood provides music, visuals, messaging and scent solutions to premium retailers around the world with an integrated, strategic approach that was an ideal fit for DXL’s key initiative.

DXL’s custom scent, created in tandem by Mood and ScentAir, is a blend of citrus fragrances conveying the friendly, lively atmosphere of DXL’s new retail approach and is designed to appeal to both male and female shoppers. The new scent is featured in hundreds of locations.

“We strive to create an innovative and engaging experience for our customers, and it is great to be recognized for our efforts. Our collaboration with Mood has brought a powerful sensory element into our overall brand design that helps to complete our holistic approach to the guest experience,” said Mark Albert, DXL’s VP, Creative & Visual.

“DXL, in partnership with Mood Media, did a fantastic job of rebranding its retail stores and they truly deserved the 2014 SMItty for the Most Innovative Scent Marketing. As DXL’s successful rebranding attests, scent and sensory marketing are powerful tools for retailers to create a unique brand identity that goes beyond the visuals and resonates with customers on a lasting basis,” said Jennifer Dublino, Vice President of Development at ScentWorld, LLC.

David Van Epps, Global Chief Product Officer for Mood, said “It was a privilege to partner with DXL on their important rebranding initiative. As the sense most closely tied to memory and impression, scent can play a powerful part in making any customer experience more memorable and more effective. DXL’s highly successful scent marketing strategy demonstrates this, and Mood is glad to have been a part of the effort.”



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