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Today’s tenants want an engaging, welcoming community they can call home. Create a friendly and assuring atmosphere, boost occupancy and Elevate the Tenant Experience with Audiovisual solutions from Mood Media – CBRE’s preferred on-site media provider.

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  • The world’s leading on-site media provider
  • Affordable, innovative and easy-to-use solutions
  • Dedicated 24×7 support, fast local service and installation
  • Trusted by hundreds of CBRE properties

Take complete control of your in-store media solutions with Harmony – the original Brand Experience Platform. Access our mobile-friendly CMS and easily manage your Music, Messaging and Digital Signage. Supported by our robust and reliable audiovisual media player, you can drive all media elements of your brand experience in total harmony.


Choose from multiple innovative programming options to bring your brand personality to life, including multi-zone audio capabilities that allow you to create different brand experiences in the gym, lobby, clubhouse, pool area, etc.

Select from over 160+ professionally curated music playlists that are regularly refreshed with major label and artist content; create your own branded playlists from hundreds of micro-genres; or explore our newest “Station” feature. This new feature allows you to pick “seed tracks” that represent the sound you’re seeking, and then the Virtual Music Design technology takes that seed and grows the perfect playlist from it.

Whatever your choice, all music is fully licensed for business usage, and all lyrics are screened for appropriate brand content.

Listen to samples of popular CBRE programs.

  1. Adult Contemporary
  2. Got You Covered
  3. Hot R&B
  4. Pop Style
  5. Songbook


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Integrate Overhead & On-Hold Messaging to create a fully-branded audio experience to maximize the appeal of your property. Reduce hang-ups, highlight promotions, provide a greater sense of assurance and much more. No matter what your messaging needs may be, Harmony empowers you to transform your brand voice into a powerful part of your Guest Experience.

  • Communicate your commitment to well-being & peace of mind
  • Create a greater sense of trust and assurance for your residents and staff
  • Highlight community events, safety protocols & pool hours


From Digital Signage, Digital Directories and Menu Boards to Video Walls and Interactive Touchscreens – Harmony simplifies the way you manage your signage solutions. Choose for a variety of easy-to-use content templates, or upload your own assets and instantly update, tag and schedule your own content for any number of locations.

  • Captivate your audience, drive engagement and eliminate print costs.
  • Bring the wow factor to your property, from custom multi screen displays to large single unit system displays.
  • Eliminate competitive ads. Display branded content and entertain guests with family-friendly short-form television programming.


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