“Digital signage is powerful technology, and you’d better get in the game if you own a retail business.”

– Jimmy Harris
Owner, Harris Ace Hardware
Brevard, NC


Located on Main Street in beautiful downtown Brevard, NC, Harris Ace Hardware has been a keystone of the community for nearly 50 years. Family-owned and operated by Jimmy Harris, this Ace Hardware location prides itself on its expansive inventory and providing a personal and welcoming experience that keeps customers coming back.


While Brevard, NC may have a quaint and nostalgic small town feel, Jimmy is a true believer when it comes to leveraging the latest media technology to engage his customers.

“Digital signage is powerful technology, and you’d better get in the game if you own a retail business,” says Harris.

A man of his word, Jimmy originally sought out a reliable and affordable digital signage solution in 2017. His mission: boost sales and enhance the in-store experience.

When he came across Mood Media that year, Jimmy found the exact technology he wanted and an invaluable added bonus: friendly and responsive service from a dedicated Mood representative.


Jimmy uses Mood Digital Signage in the garden and grill area of his store, and also by the registers. With Mood Digital Signage, he can:

  • Enjoy easy online access to an endless range of Ace Hardware content, including product demos, how-to and informational videos, and much more;
  • Upload content that is exclusive to his location, such as the Harris Hardware logo and links to the store’s Facebook page. All content is displayed in an Ace-branded digital signage template, which also shows news and sports tickers along the bottom of the screen;
  • Quickly manage and schedule his content by logging into the Mood online content management system. There is no additional software to download, and access to the portal is secure and simple.

Finally, Mood Digital Signage is supported by a robust and discreet multimedia player at each screen, ensuring seamless, reliable playback.


Thanks to Mood Digital Signage, the Customer Experience at Harris Hardware is more informative, engaging and convenient than ever before. As Jimmy mentions, this affordable solution makes it easy to drive sales and help customers make purchase decisions – and it’s backed by service he can always count on.

“Mood Digital Signage offers the best bang for the buck. My customers love it, and the content is germane to our product line. Really, the signage is so good that it’s like having another sales person, but it’s much more informative than you could pay someone to be. My Mood Media Account Executive is always available to answer any questions, and he’s very thorough and professional. I highly recommend Mood Media to any business – especially Ace Hardware locations.”

– Jimmy Harris
Owner, Harris Ace Hardware
Brevard, NC


Elevate the experience and get the peace of mind you deserve with Mood. Contact us today to learn more.

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