“If you really want to make your job easier and give your customer experience a more professional edge, then I highly recommend choosing Mood.”

– Katie Russo
Retail Marketing Manager
Goodwill of Southwestern Pennsylvania


As one of the nation’s leading retailers of secondhand apparel and home goods, Goodwill is a not-for-profit organization that uses its proceeds towards workforce development for individuals with special needs and other extraordinary employment challenges. Goodwill’s Southwestern PA chapter is one of the largest Goodwill organizations, serving more than 30 locations.


Secondhand goods stores are often associated with having a subpar in-store appearance, and before working with Mood, Goodwill of SWPA seemed to fulfill those expectations.

For starters, many of their stores relied on local radio for background music, and overhead messaging was performed live by store associates. The result was an inconsistent experience across their network of locations that also lacked the professional branded feel found with many of the world’s premier retailers.

Additionally, Goodwill of SWPA found that many of their customers and donors didn’t know about the scope of services that they provide. To address these challenges and give their stores the consistent and professional image they desired, Goodwill reached out to Mood in search of a fully-licensed Music and In-Store Messaging solution.


Leveraging years of experience serving franchise-based organizations, Mood knew exactly what Goodwill was looking for: a partner that could implement a brand standard program across each of their locations.

At Mood, every client partnership begins with a collaborative approach, and this scenario was no different. Leveraging decades of experience implementing brand standard programs for franchise-based organizations, Mood worked with the Marketing team at Goodwill of SWPA to select 10 Core Music programs. From there, a dedicated Messaging Consultant collaborated with Goodwill in the creation of a cohesive overhead messaging strategy.


Goodwill’s Music and Messaging solution is delivered by one simple, secure and reliable device – the Mood ProFusion iS. Content is automatically updated on a periodic basis, and authorized personnel can centrally manage and schedule content for one or multiple locations using Mood’s intuitive online portal. Content management features include the ability to:

  • Schedule programs by time of day, week, month, etc.
  • Block songs
  • Review, approve and schedule messaging beds
  • Monitor device health
  • And much more!

Goodwill’s 10 corporate-approved Music programs are fully-licensed and professionally-designed for business use. These programs cover a broad array of genres, including pop, rock, R&B and country. Additionally, Goodwill has access to a dedicated Messaging Consultant at Mood who is responsible for all of their messaging needs. Messages include information on programs and services offered by Goodwill, seasonal and promotional content, the Goodwill mission and other branded messages.


Thanks to Mood Music and Messaging, Goodwill of SWPA has the branded, upbeat and professional in-store experience they were always looking for. Store managers love the variety of music they can choose from, and they really appreciate how easy it is to schedule and change music programs on the fly.

Last, but not least, all Goodwill of SWPA locations have access to a dedicated team of service experts at Mood, ensuring fast and friendly support whenever they need it.

Here’s what Katie Russo, Retail Marketing Manager at Goodwill of SWPA has to say about Mood.

“Mood is fantastic! Their music is always terrific and the messaging does a great job of letting customers know about all of our services. I love that all of our content is automatically updated, and their quality of service can’t be beat.”

– Katie Russo
Retail Marketing Manager
Goodwill of Southwestern Pennsylvania


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