Shop longer. Spend more. Repeat. That’s our focus when it comes to retail. Whatever you’re selling, the right music can distinguish your brand, drive greater sales, and create a unique shopping experience.

Retail Business Solutions

Turn shoppers into buyers. Consider Mood.

Shop longer. Spend more. Repeat. That’s our focus when it comes to retail. Whatever you’re selling, offering a personalized and purposeful customer experience can distinguish your brand and drive greater sales to build lasting customer loyalty. After all, bringing shoppers back again and again is what it’s all about.


Don’t think of it as background music – Mood music solutions are the soundtrack to your unique brand story. Select from 160+ handcrafted music programs specifically engineered for business or create your own custom playlist. Fully licensed and screened for content and lyrics, especially made to help your brand create an unforgettable customer experience. By design. Learn more about Music.

Digital Signage

Mood’s digital signage systems offer an affordable online content management platform that’s fast, reliable and simple to use. Create and modify promotions at the click of a button with professional templates. Or make them stop and stare at your signature video wall with custom graphics and stunning imagery. Schedule and change digital signage content on the fly at a single location or across your entire network to create laser targeted marketing campaigns that generate powerful results. Learn more about the Data Behind Digital Signage Here.

Social & Mobile

Increase foot traffic, inform your customers and promote special offers with location-based mobile marketing technology. Cutting-edge innovations engage your customers with customized content delivered directly to their smartphones while gathering valuable data, so you can make a personalized customer connection that drives results. Learn more about Mood Social & Mobile Marketing solutions.


Promote. Inform. Engage. Mood Voice solutions can do it all. From on-hold and on-site messaging to voiceovers and web audio, we’ll help your brand speak so you can drive sales and make the most of every call and visit to your store. Learn more about in-store and on-hold messaging solutions.


Did you know that our sense of smell is the one most closely tied to our memories and emotions? With Scent Marketing from Mood, you’ll touch the heart of your customers through lively, unforgettable aromas. Exotic notes of citrus. Wafts of fresh baked cookies. Whatever fragrance you’re looking for, Mood has an abundance of spirited scents to choose from. Learn more about Scent Solutions.

Sound Systems

Deliver the sound of your brand with unparalleled quality and clarity. Affordable and reliable commercial-grade equipment from industry leaders including Klipsch and Bose express your distinct brand image to help create an unforgettable customer experience. Learn more about Sound and A/V.

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