Looking to enhance your in-restaurant experience with a more customized visual solution?  Tired of seeing competitor ads or questionable content on live TV? Then TAKE CONTROL of your content with Mood TV for QSR.

Designed specifically for QSR operators, Mood TV for QSR combines the power of digital signage with popular television programming to deliver a fully branded and personalized visual experience.

  • Choose from top programming options from network TV
  • No competitor ads, all content screened for family-friendly use
  • Highly customizable for your locations
  • Feature seasonal items, local promotions and social media feeds
  • Simple web-based control for quick updates
  • Low all-in lease includes content, equipment, installation and service

See why thousands of operators are tuning in to Mood TV for QSR, and take advantage of SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFERS available for a limited time.

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