Guests are always coming and going. Entice them to come back by creating a positive and memorable experience. Whatever your style, boutique, extended stay, or full service, the right music sets a welcoming mood and tone.

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Make them want to stay. Again.

Guests are always coming and going. Entice them to come back by creating an engaging, multi-sensory experience they’ll never forget. Whatever your style – boutique, extended stay, or full service – the right audio, visuals, and scent can work together to set the distinct mood that speaks to your brand and your clientele, ensuring lasting customer loyalty.


From smooth jazz and modern lounge to graceful classical overtures and electronica, Mood offers a vast selection of handcrafted music programs that are sure to enhance your client experience. You can even create your own custom playlist for a singular soundtrack that your guests won’t hear anywhere else. Fully licensed and screened for content and lyrics. Learn more about Music.

Sound Systems

Express the sound of your brand in sparkling clarity with commercial-grade equipment from industry leaders including Klipsch and Bose. Our expert technicians are accustomed to working with architects, interior designers and builders to ensure that your audio/video system installation meets the engineering and aesthetic requirements of your hotel. Learn more about Sound Systems.

Shouldn't I work with a professional audio/video systems designer for my new hotel? Mood is the world's leading provider of business music, and we are also the nation's top audio/visual systems designer for hotels. That's one of the greatest things about Mood – we are the only single source solution in the hospitality industry. That means one number to call for all of your audio/video needs, from content to complete systems design.


Did you know that our sense of smell is the one most closely tied to our memories and emotions? With Scent Marketing from Mood, you’ll make a lasting client connection through lively, unforgettable aromas. Refreshing notes of citrus and amber. Rich bouquets of lilies and pine. Whatever fragrance you’re looking for, Mood has an abundance of welcoming scents to help your guests feel right at home. Learn more about Scent Solutions.


From ambient displays and video walls to short-form TV, Mood is your one-stop shop all of your visual needs. Our sophisticated solutions drive sales and energize your hotel with award-winning graphics that capture your guests’ attention. An easy-to-use online platform allows you to provide your guests with personalized content that speaks to their needs while conveying your distinct brand image.

On-Hold Messaging

Every call to your hotel is an opportunity to make a great impression on your guests. With messaging on-hold from Mood, you can communicate your unique brand voice, drive sales, and reduce call abandonment. Our expert Voice team will customize your messages to suit your brand and your audience, and we have multiple packages available to fit your needs. Learn more about On-Hold Messaging.

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