Creating a comfortable experience and operating an efficient practice are critically important. Our healthcare solutions are specifically designed to address your most pressing needs.

Healthcare Business Solutions

Deliver a healthy dose of music – and more.

Creating a comfortable experience and operating an efficient practice are critically important. Our healthcare solutions are specifically designed to address your most pressing needs. Help patients relax, reduce perceived wait times and provide valuable information with music, voice and sight services.


Enhance your waiting room experience with our hybrid digital signage solution, Mood TV for Healthcare. With fully customizable options for live TV content, your own videos or advertisements, live news feeds and more, it’s the digital signage solution you’ve been waiting for. Click HERE to learn more!


Create a soothing, welcoming environment for your patients with music. Select from 160+ handcrafted music programs specifically designed for business or create your own custom soundtrack. All of our music is interruption-free, fully licensed and screened for content and lyrics.


From requesting appointments to asking urgent medical questions, your callers need prompt attention. Use on-hold messaging to answer commonly asked questions, give your office hours and reduce hang ups, increasing your ability to serve all your patients’ needs.


Great music deserves great sound. Our custom-designed, professionally installed sound systems guarantee the best audio experience in every area of your office. Enjoy clear, crisp sound at any volume with reliable commercial-grade equipment from our industry leading partners.


Scent has been proven to reduce anxiety in up to 63% of patients facing medical procedures. Help your patients and staff relax with scents from Mood, including calming lavender, vanilla, jasmine or even your own custom scent.


Protect your patients’ privacy while meeting HIPAA regulations with Mood Sound Masking systems. With gentle white noise that is practically unnoticeable, you can keep conversations from being overheard and reduce distracting noises in living environments.

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